January 10, 2016


Founded by a team of three Palestinian Technologists, Vecbox aims to build a community that will take concepts of technology for social good and convert them from theory to actual practice. We will provide access to knowledge and tools by offering a space that will enable both the tech community and individuals interested in tech solutions to engage, learn and build for change.

To achieve the objectives set out by the team, VecBox will work on the creation of a Hackerspace and a knowledge hub with a set of curricula and workshops focusing on technology and community. The Hackerspace is being established to become a hub for collaboration between makers, artists, scientists and the community that will lead to the development of a Makers’ movement. Beyond the hackerspace, VecBox will also emerge as a knowledge partner for the community in the fields of civic tech and digital rights. All this will accumulate towards creating a generation of critical thinkers, creators of technology and agents of change within their communities.

Some of our activities include: hackthons, Civic Tech and Maker summer camps, skill shares and a series of workshops on related topics, such as design thinking, IoT (Internet of Things), big data and digital literacy. More over, VecBox will conduct research on the use of technology in Palestine, along with digital policies in the country, which will inform our digital advocacy campaigns. These activities will help engage a community of makers, technologists and critical thinkers.